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Women’s Medical Services

{Women’s Medical Services Phoenix}
We offer education about pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. We also offer testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, and are here to help. STI treatment Phoenix (STD treatment Phoenix), STI testing and treatment Phoenix (STD testing and treatment Phoenix)

Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI);
{formerly known as Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD)}
Testing and Treatment

{STD Testing Phoenix}
Early detection of an STI is important for your health. We offer testing for the following STI’s:

  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhea
  • Trichomoniasis
  • Syphilis
  • Herpes
  • HIV
  • Hepatitis B and C
  • HPV testing

STI’s often do not have any symptoms so if you are at risk you should get tested. If you have a genital bump, with or without pain, discharge, odor, or itch, we recommend you be seen as soon as possible. Come in today to get your phoenix STD testing.

Pregnancy Tests

We offer a free urine pregnancy test on a walk-in basis anytime during office hours. Blood tests are available for a small lab fee. You may be happy, scared, or just want to be sure. Our pregnancy tests can detect a positive result in just 7-10 days after conception.
Free pregnancy verifications for AHCCCS are available upon request.

Pregnancy Information

We can offer medically accurate information about your pregnancy. You may have questions about abortion, adoption, pregnancy and parenting. Information packages can be mailed, picked up or you can call or come in for general information. An ultrasound exam may be an option to confirm or date your pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a lifetime decision for both of you. Life Choices Women’s Clinic has information to help you in the process of making an informed decision. Lifetime decisions are never easy, but when you educate yourself you can be confident you made the best decision for your situation based on facts instead of fear.

Well Women Exams

The well women exam includes a breast exam and pelvic exam with a Thin Prep Pap.  A Thin Prep Pap involves taking a specimen from the cervix and sending it to a lab for examination to detect early cellular changes that may need additional treatment.

Natural Family Planning

Family planning introductory sessions are offered individually by appointment.  If you have questions on how your birth control works, side effects, or want to learn about hormone free methods of Natural Family Planning, call to make an appointment.  The Natural Family Planning method can help couples determine when sexual intercourse can lead to pregnancy by tracking changes during the menstrual cycle. The introductory session is free.

You can also call or email for an information packet on birth control methods.

Other exams

  • We can check for vaginal infections such as yeast or bacterial vaginosis.
  • IUD removal is available
  • Pregnancy confirmation exams. You may have many questions or concerns, so call to ask questions or meet with one of our practitioners
  • HPV treatments


Life Choices Women’s Clinic has an extensive listing of service providers within the communities we serve. If our clients are in need of services or support outside our scope of practice, we will be happy to offer referral options for organizations who may be able to meet those needs.